Diablo 4 coming to Steam Deck following conclusion of Battle.net exclusivity

Stephanie Zucarelli
Diablo 4 Lilith

Blizzard confirmed that Diablo 4 will finally make its way over to Steam, Valve’s digital launcher. According to Adam Fletcher, Diablo’s Global Community Development Director, there is also good news for Steam Deck players.

Diablo 4 has long been rumored to arrive on Steam Deck, given Blizzard’s ARPG seemed perfect to put Valve’s portable console to the test. Almost five months after its initial release, the devs have confirmed Diablo 4’s official release on Steam’s library, alongside an official version that’s Steam Deck verified.

“We can happily say that Diablo IV will be Steam Deck Verified starting next Tuesday with the launch of the game on Steam and the start of Season of Blood,” Diablo’s Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher wrote on X.

This also means that Diablo 4 will finally end its exclusivity with Battle.net, Blizzard’s launcher. Sadly for Diablo 4 fans, it seems that Blizzard won’t allow any type of cross-platform ownership, so they’re going to have to buy the game again to play it from their Steam Library.

Diablo 4 Priestess Rava
Users will have to buy Diablo 4 again to play it from Steam’s library.

“They’re two different storefronts run by two different companies,” explained Fletcher when asked about it. However, cross-platform play is still available for Diablo 4; players will only have to get the game in their Steam library and connect it to a Battle.net account to enable cross-play.

Blizzard also confirmed that players using the Steam or Steam Deck version will have access to features specific to the platform, such as Steam Achievements, their Steam friends list, and the option to invite them to play in-game. Diablo 4’s Steam version is set to be released on October 17, 2023.

Diablo 4 isn’t the only game that has ended its Battle.net exclusivity, since Overwatch 2 was released on Steam on August 10, 2023. Despite players review-bombing the game, Blizzard’s FPS managed to get in the top 50 most-played games of Valve’s launcher.

That’s everything on Diablo 4’s official release on Steam and the Steam Deck. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s RPG, check what players said about the latest Unique Items, and the official player count for Diablo 4.