All Destiny 2 Stasis Fragments and how to get them

Amitesh Dhar
Exo Stranger in Destiny 2

The Stasis Subclass in Destiny 2 contains Aspects and Fragments that allow you to crowd control your enemies by slowing them down and freezing them. So, here’s how you can unlock all the Fragments including the two new ones that were introduced with The Final Shape DLC.

The Stasis Subclass has remained untouched ever since it was introduced in the Beyond Light Expansion in Destiny 2. However, in The Final Shape, this Subclass has received two new Fragments.

These Fragments are available for everyone who’s completed the Beyond Light campaign in Destiny 2, but you need to acquire them first before you can use them. So, here’s everything you need to know about these new Stasis Fragments and how to get them.

How to unlock Whisper of Chill in Destiny 2

To unlock the Whisper of Chill you need to purchase it from the Exo Stranger for 10,000 Glimmer in Destiny 2. The Exo Stranger can be found right beside the Beyond Landing Zone on Europa.

Whisper of Chill – Stasis weapon kills have the chance to spawn a Stasis shard.

Stasis shards are elemental pickups that grant energy to all your abilities, therefore reducing their downtime. Using the Whisper of Chill provides you with an incentive to use Stasis weapons like the Riptide or even the Krait in your Primary slot because you’ll be spawning Stasis shards when bagging kills with these weapons.

Destiny 2 Beyond Landing Zone
You will find the Exo Stranger standing right beside the Beyond Landing Zone.

How to unlock Whisper of Reversal in Destiny 2

Just like the Whisper of Chill, to unlock the Whisper of Reversal in Destiny 2, you need to purchase it from the Exo Stranger in exchange for 10,000 Glimmer.

Whisper of Reversal – While you have Frost Armor, melee damage slows your target.

Whisper of Reversal on the other hand is a utility Fragment and will help you crowd-control enemies further. Bungie introduced the new Frost Armor buff in The Final Shape, and it gives you a massive damage reduction for as long as it’s active, quite similar to the Strand Woven Mail buff.

So, whenever you have Frost Armor active and you deal melee damage, you’ll slow your target. This will come in handy for builds like the Behemoth Titan or even the Revenant Hunter, thereby increasing the efficiency of these builds in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Stasis Fragment screen
These are all the Stasis Fragments in Destiny 2, including the new ones.

All Stasis Fragments in Destiny 2

Apart from these two, here’s a list of all the Stasis Fragments that are currently available in the game:

FragmentDescriptionStat Change
Whisper of BondsDefeating frozen targets grants you Super energy.-10 Intellect, -10 Discipline
Whisper of ChainsDamaging targets with a Stasis melee reloads your stowed weapons and grants you a temporary boost to weapon-ready speed.+10 Recovery
Whisper of ConductionNearby Stasis shards track to your position. +10 Resilience, +10 Intellect
Whisper of DuranceSlow from your abilities lasts longer. For those abilities that linger, their duration will also increase.+10 Strength
Whisper of FissuresIncreases the damage and size of the burst of Stasis when you destroy a Stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target.
Whisper of FracturesYour melee energy recharges faster when you are near two or more targets.-10 Discipline
Whisper of HedronsDramatically increases weapon stability, weapon aim assist, Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery after freezing a target with Stasis.-10 Strength
Whisper of HungerIncreases the melee energy gained from picking up Stasis shards.-10 Mobility, -10 Recovery
Whisper of ImpetusDamaging targets with a Stasis melee reloads your stowed weapons and grants you a temporary boost to weapon ready speed.
Whisper of RefractionDefeating slowed or frozen targets grants you class ability energy.
Whisper of RendingKinetic weapons do increased damage to Stasis crystals and frozen targets.
Whisper of RimeCollecting a Stasis shard grants a small amount of overshield, which falls off after 10 seconds. Collecting additional shards adds to the overshield and refreshes the timer.
Whisper of ShardsShattering a Stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate. Shattering additional Stasis crystals increases the duration of this benefit.+10 Resilience
Whisper of TormentYou gain grenade energy each time you take damage from combatants.

That sums up everything you need to know about the new Stasis Fragments in Destiny 2 and how you can unlock them. If you’re planning on making an alternate character for your Prismatic build, here’s why you should try it out on a Hunter, along with the God Rolls for Breachlight and Pro Memoria.