Here’s why Hunters are Destiny 2’s top class in The Final Shape

Lucas Simons
Destiny 2 Prismatic Hunter

Titan and Warlock players are quickly shifting to the Hunter class in Destiny 2 after the new Subclass reveals its full potential for endgame activities.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape brought a lot of changes to the game, including a new Subclass called Prismatic which has taken the game by storm. But one of the major changes in the meta is Hunter becoming the top class in the game.

This was made evident by the most recent statistics drawn from the completion of the Salvation’s Edge Raid in Contest Mode.

According to RaidReport, only 675 teams managed to complete the challenge on time. The data reveals that from the top 50 teams who ended it in the first 24 hours, the team composition shows a clear preference for the Hunter class.

According to this report shared by selpix_ on the Destiny 2 subreddit, which was extracted from RaidReport metadata, 74% of players used the Hunter class for Salvation’s Edge Challenge Mode.

Various changes have led to a spike in the Hunter class’ popularity. The first is, of course, the versatility of the Prismatic Hunter above the Warlock and Titan.

The new Hunter class can build for an astounding 75% of total damage reduction and still have enough firepower to break down huge chunks of boss health bars. The fact that there’s also a new Exotic Sniper Rifle that interacts with Celestial Nighthawk makes it even better.

Still Hunt Exotic Sniper in Destiny 2 The Final Shape
The Still Hunt allows all classes to use Golden Gun, but the Hunter benefits from the Celestial Nighthawk.

Just imagine having two empowered Golden Guns, and a spare after four sniper precision shots. It turns out that the Hunter has become an expert damage dealer, overcoming the need to receive buffs from the Titan’s Bubble and Warlock’s Well.

While the Warlock can provide huge amounts of damage thanks to its new Song of Flame Super, its most recent nerf on the Well of Radiance diminished its viability as a support class. Plus the new Super is less viable than Golden Gun for boss DPS.

The Titan has drawn the shorter straw during The Final Shape. Many players and even content creators like Hectic, have mentioned that their Prismatic subclass needs a revision.

Needless to say, with the release of Episode 1: Echoes, Destiny 2 still has a long way to go before the new meta is solidified.

There are also tons of new weapons to collect, like the Khvostov, Microcosm, and Ergo Sum to keep you busy.

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