Best Prismatic Titan build for Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Amitesh Dhar
Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan

The best Prismatic Titan build in Destiny 2 makes use of Aspects and Fragments which can help the class clear enemies instantly, so here’s how you can build it.

Prismatic for Titans in Destiny 2 The Final Shape picks up the best Aspects from all the other subclasses and brings them all into one place, allowing you to make some builds that were previously impossible.

While you will come across some of the Aspects and Fragments used in this build as you go through the campaign, some of the more important bits can only be accessed once you’ve completed the Alone in the Dark quest from Micah-10.

So, here’s the best Prismatic Titan build in Destiny 2 along with the Exotic items that you can pair with it.

Best Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan class setup

For this Prismatic Titan build, here’s the class setup that you need to use in Destiny 2:

  • Class ability: Thrusters
  • Movement: Catapult Lift
  • Grenade: Pulse Grenade
  • Melee: Frenzied Blade
  • Super: Bladefury / Twilight Arsenal

This class setup is dominated by a lot of Strand-based abilities for the following reasons:

  • First of all, Strand is a better crowd-control option than Stasis, so you’ll be able to deal with more groups of ads at the same time.
  • Your Frenzied Blade melee ability can store three charges, compared to just one on the Shiver Strike.

Since this is a melee build, the Bladefury Super should be your first pick, especially in situations where you need to clear a lot of ads. However, if you’re looking to go with a DPS super, then Twilight Arsenal should be the one you need to pick.

Prismatic titan class setup
The Prismatic Titan build is mostly a melee build.

However, keep in mind that if you’re using the Twilight Arsenal, it will override the damage bonuses that you get from any Radiant buff that you passively earn, so you might notice a minor reduction in the damage numbers.

Best Aspects & Fragments for Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan

The best Prismatic Titan build in Destiny 2 is primarily a melee build, so the choice of Aspects and Fragments are mostly the ones that can help you survive while being surrounded by ads.


KnockoutCritically wounding or breaking a target’s shield increases the damage and lunge range of your next melee attack. Defeating targets with Knockout Amplifies and heals you. Defeating stronger opponents increases the heal amount.
ConsecrationWhile sliding, activate your melee ability to launch a wave of Solar energy to damage and Scorch enemies. Press the melee ability button again to slam down, dealing more damage. If the second attack hits Scorching enemies, they will Ignite.


FragmentsDescriptionStat Change
Facet of ProtectionBecome more resistant to damage while surrounded. This effect becomes stronger while Transcendent.+10 Strength
Facet of CourageArc, Solar, and Void abilities deal more damage to targets debuffed by Darkness.+10 Discipline
Facet of BalanceRapidly defeating targets with Light damage grants melee energy. Rapidly defeating enemies with Dark damage restores grenade energy.
Facet of DawnPowered melee hits make you Radiant. Powered melee final blows make you and your teammates Radiant.-10 Strength
Facet of PurposePicking up an Orb of Power grants either Amplify, Restoration, Frost Armor, Wover Mail, or Overshield based on your equipped Super.-10 Recovery

The idea of using these Aspects and Fragments is simple. With Knockout, whenever you kill someone with your melee, you’ll be amplified and healed for a certain portion of your health. With Consecration, whenever you slide and activate your melee ability, you’ll release a line of fire that scorches enemies. If you press the ability button once again, you’ll slam the floor releasing Solar AoE damage.

With the Facet of Balance, whenever you hit enemies with your Strand melee, you’ll generate grenade energy, and hitting enemies with your grenade will cause you to regenerate melee energy. It’s a nice cycle and isn’t very difficult to chain in the best Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan build.

Destiny 2 best Prismatic Titan Exotics

Considering that the best Prismatic Titan build in Destiny 2 is a melee build, you can be pretty flexible with the choice of Exotic here. The armors available are as follows:

  • Heart of Inmost Light: This Exotic buffs your ability energy regeneration rate, so you’ll have high uptime on all your abilities.
  • Synthoceps: Since you’ll be heading into hordes of enemies, Synthoceps can also be a good choice of Exotic because your melee damage is buffed when you’re surrounded by ads.
  • Wormgod Caress: You’ll get escalating melee damage whenever you kill an enemy with a powered melee or a finisher. When the buff from the Exotic is active, you’ll gain additional weapon damage too.

Best armor mods for  Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan build

When it comes to the stats for the best Prismatic Titan build in Destiny 2, you need to first focus on Resilience, and then Strength, because the first will give you increased damage reduction, and high Strength points will reduce the cooldown time on your melee ability.

Synthoceps Destiny 2
Synthoceps is one of the most popular Destiny 2 Titan Exotics.

Finally, if you can, then focus on your Discipline stat because that’ll influence your grenade cooldown as well.

In line with these stats, here’s a list of mods that you should use on your armor pieces with this build in Destiny 2 The Final Shape;

Strand SiphonRapid Strand weapon final blows create Orbs of Power.Helmet
Hands-onGain bonus Super Energy on melee kills.Helmet
Momentum TransferDealing damage with a grenade reduces your melee cooldown.Arms
Impact InductionDealing damage with melee abilities reduces your grenade cooldown.Arms
Heavy HandedFinal blows with melee abilities create Orbs of Power.Arms
Concussive ResistanceReduce damage taken from explosives.Chest
Elemental ResistanceReduce incoming elemental damage.Chest
RecuperationReplenish health when you pick up an Orb of Power.Legs
InvigorationReduce melee cooldown when you pick up Orbs of Power.Legs
Orbs of RestorationRestore energy to your least-charged ability when you pick up an Orb of Power.Legs
ReaperCreate an Orb of Power after scoring a final blow shortly after using your class ability.Class Item
BomberReduce grenade cooldown when using your class ability.Class Item
OutreachReduce melee cooldown when using your class ability.Class Item

The above mods will ensure that you have even quicker melee and grenade regeneration, allowing you to deal with smaller enemies quickly. You’ll also be generating a lot of Super energy, making this build an all-rounder for all types of content that Destiny 2 has to offer.

If you’re looking to make the most out of this build, it’s best that you use a shotgun with the One-Two Punch perk. This will allow you to melt minibosses within two hits. Other weapons that you could consider using with this build are the No Hesitation Auto Rifle for additional healing and the Still Hunt Sniper Rifle for extra damage during the DPS phases.

That sums up everything you need to know about the best Titan Prismatic build in Destiny 2 The Final Shape. If you’re wondering about the weapons that you get from the Salvation’s Edge Raid, here’s a loot table, along with the best Hunter Prismatic build that will help you breeze through the encounters.

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