CoD Vanguard players call for major changes to “random” Mortar Barrage killstreak

Hamza Khalid
Mortar Barrage in Vanguard

CoD Vanguard’s Mortar Barrage can be an extremely useful tool for eliminating multiple enemies at once, but players are asking the devs to fix issues with the placement of the killstreak.

After a long wait, CoD Vanguard has finally arrived and there’s plenty of new content to enjoy such as the Sten SMG and 16 multiplayer maps to battle on. There are a few ways for you to get a competitive edge over your opponents.

The Mortar Barrage killstreak lets you mark an area for a targeted explosive strike that would instantly eliminate all players caught in the blast. However, many players are calling for the devs to fix some issues with the killstreak’s placement.

CoD Vanguard Mortar Barrage

Reddit user stCourtney highlighted this problem in the CoD Vanguard subreddit. The Mortar Barrage killstreak in Vanguard requires you to throw out a flare canister on the map to call in a strike.

However, there are very few locations where the canister can be placed. The clip by the Redditor showcased them repeatedly trying to find somewhere to place the Mortar Barrage canister on Demyansk. 

After several failed attempts to place the Mortar Barrage, they were taken out by an enemy. stCourtney described placing the Mortars down as “impossible.” Many of the commenters faced the same problem.

“Why can’t your dude just get a map out and scribble an X on a location which would then instruct an off-screen mortar team to bomb that position?” wrote one user.

A few of the commenters stated that you can crouch and slide to properly place the Mortar Barrage while others claimed that standing still and looking up is a better technique. However, some players are just avoiding the Killstreak altogether.

“I’ve managed to place two, and neither of them were in spots that were beneficial for the team. It was just the first random spot it would work. And one of them got me a bunch of team kills,” said one comment.

Players are calling for the developers to make it easier to place down the Mortar Barrage killstreak in Vanguard, and it remains to be seen whether or not Sledgehammer will make some changes.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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