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Can you breed a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy? Location & how to catch

Here’s whether or not you can breed a Phoenix in the Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium, as well as where to find the Beast.



hogwarts legacy phoenix

Hogwarts Legacy has many Beasts that players can find and capture. Beasts can be taken care of and even bred, but can you breed a Phoenix in the game? Here’s the answer.

Hogwarts Legacy players will be fulfilling Harry Potter fans’ childhood dreams as they explore the Wizarding World.

Not only will players get to experience the life of a student at Hogwarts, attending classes, learning new spells, and crafting potions, but they’ll also become a caretaker of many Beasts, similar to Newt Scamander.

You find and capture many Beasts in your playthrough on Hogwarts Legacy, but one of the most sort-after is the Phoenix. This has led to many wondering where to find the Phoenix and if they can breed them.

Where to find a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy players can find and capture a Phoenix by completing the “Phoenix Rising” Quest given by Deek. Progress through this Quest and reach Phoenix Mountain to catch a glimpse of this Beast. This is the only way players can find and capture a Phoenix.

Players will catch a Phoenix the same way they catch other Beasts and that’s with the Nab-Sack.

hogwarts legacy deek
Deek will lead you to the Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can you breed a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot breed a Pheonix in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, the Pheonix is the only Beast in the game that players can not breed.

This is probably because it is only attainable through a mission, and so the devs likely only wanted players to have one Phoenix, giving it that extra importance and motivating fans to complete Deek’s Quests.

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