What are Alternate Ammo kills in Modern Warfare 3? Week 4 Challenge explained

Luca Di Marzo

With new Weekly Challenges hitting Modern Warfare 3, many players are wondering how to get Alternate Ammo kills. You’ll need to know what Alternate Ammo kills are to unlock the JAK Glassless Optic in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 players continue to receive Weekly Challenges that regularly bring new rewards to the game. Season 2 has been delivering plenty of worthwhile attachment rewards, and the mid-season reloaded update has only bolstered that, with additions such as the JAK Burnout Kit

With Season 3 on the horizon, many may still be getting through their Weekly Challenges. So, for players stuck on the Week 4 challenge that requires you to get Alternate Ammo kills, here’s everything you need to know.

MW3: How to get Alternate Ammo kills

MW3 players must equip an Ammunition attachment to their weapon to get Alternate Ammo kills. You’ll start to rack up Alternate Ammo kills when the weapon you’re using is equipped with any of the Ammunition attachments in the game.

Modern Warfare 3 Operator on Favela with Assault Rifle
Modern Warfare 3 has a wide variety of Ammunition types players can choose from.

To complete Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Week 4 Challenges and unlock the sought-after JAK Glasless Optic, players must get 30 Operator Kills with Alternate Ammo equipped to a recommended Assault Rifle.

The game will highlight the recommended Assault Rifles in question, and all that’s left is for you to create a loadout using an Ammunition attachment. If you’re struggling to pick an Ammunition attachment, High Velocity is a safe bet and should make securing kills a breeze.

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