WeTheGamerz tries to Extract Black Ops 2 info from @OneOfSwords


WTG (WeTheGamerz) was able to conduct an excellent interview at PAX East with Activision’s main PR man, Dan Amrich (aka OneOfSwords). Some interesting details came out of the interview and it’s worth watching if you’re at all interested on how Activision PR works. During the interview he explained:

-Black Ops 2 is NOT confirmed yet.
-Can only confirm another Call of Duty is in the works.
-ATVI PR is not allowed to confirm or deny rumors, EVEN when they’re fake.
-Despite what people think, OneoOfSwords does NOT have access to all the details on Call of Duty, partly to prevent leaks (need to know basis).
-Would be surprised if Zombies doesn’t return, hasn’t heard anything about Zombies yet.
-Call of Duty WILL be at E3. (No surprise here)
-ELiTE will ALSO be at E3.
-Admits it’s hard to explain the DLC release dates for Xbox and PS3, wants simplified however unsure if changing next year.
-Thinks ELiTE can support Zombies.
-Still hasn’t heard if there’s going to be Call of Duty XP: 2012, if so then he wants it announced earlier.

Also in case you haven’t heard, Dan Amrich has recently written a book on “How to Review Video Games” called Critical Path and is definitely worth checking out here.

SOURCE: WeTheGamerz.com

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