Avoid MW3’s new worst gun at all costs

Nathan Warby
MW3 Operators on Derail multiplayer map

The Sidewinder was widely considered the worst gun in Modern Warfare 3, but since it was handed multiple buffs in recent updates, players have revealed which rifle has replaced it at the bottom of the rankings and should be totally avoided.

Ever since Modern Warfare 3 launched back in November 2023, the Sidewinder was panned as the worst gun in the entire game. This was largely due to its slow fire rate, underwhelming range, and lack of power compared to other weapons in its class, like the BAS-B.

However, as updates have rolled out, the hated Battle Rifle has been handed a series of buffs, which have made it much more viable in both multiplayer and Warzone. This left the mantle of ‘worst gun in MW3’ up for grabs and players have been debating which option has the dishonor.

Reddit user ‘SirCrouton’ started the discussion and while a number of weapons were mentioned, the MCW 6.8 Marksman Rifle was easily the most popular pick, as fans urged their fellow players to steer clear of it.

“[The] MCW 6.8 feels pointless to use and the AMP Kit doesn’t make it interesting or better since it lower damage (requiring 4 shot minimum) and locks out most attachments (60rnd mag that would have been perfect for it) for it to be useful,” said the OP.

Plenty of other MW3 players responded, calling out the MCW 6.8 for being “utter garbage,” especially compared to its Assault Rifle counterpart, which is seen as the best gun in the game.

“I absolutely do not like the MCW 6.8. Can’t get it to work in both full auto or semi,” said one reply, before another added: “Even before the buff to the Sidewinder and even Striker 9 I thought the MCW 6.8 was easily the worst gun in the game as it has a base TTK of 380ms, which I think is genuinely the slowest minimum TTK in the game.”

Some also mentioned that the 6.8 is just a “semi-auto version” of the Sidewinder, meaning the Battle Rifle always had the edge over it even at its lowest point.

Although the MCW 6.8 received the most votes, there were also a handful of other options that ran it fairly close.

“Let’s be honest. Will it ever be anything other than the Riveter?” said one reply, while another player argued: “The DG-58 LSW is mad weak. Feels like the SA-87 from ’19.”

The next round of major buffs and nerfs is due to arrive in MW3 Season 3, so players will be hoping that the MCW 6.8, as well as the other guns mentioned, will be on the receiving end of some improvements.

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