Warzone players call for Urzikstan update to revert “nightmare” vehicle overhaul

Max Candelarezi
Warzone vechicles

With the next chapter of Warzone set to introduce players to Urzikstan, players believe the update should include major changes to revert the MW2 “nightmare” vehicle overhaul.

Scheduled for December 6, Warzone is set to undergo a substantial update alongside MW3’s Season 1, bringing it more in line with its initial 2020 version, marking a significant departure from its prior iteration.

This will include movement changes, the new Urzikstan map with new points of interest, and notable quality-of-life improvements, aiming to grant fans the experience they’ve been wanting.

However, following the launch of the Zombies mode, which shares the Urzikstan map, players are calling on the battle royale devs to reverse the “nightmare” vehicle overhaul that the MW2 integration brought.

On Reddit, user Diegodinizfsa shared their thoughts on vehicles within the game, as they said: “Some people playing the Zombies Mode on MW3 already saying that the next Warzone can not be that good because 1 Special thing: VEHICLES.”

The OP continued, “Warzone 1 was Great on this topic. Faster Helicopters, Faster vehicles…Point A to Point B fast and clean.” They feel the first Warzone’s vehicles were more agile, while WZ2’s felt “crippled.”

“They should make them faster and easier to move… It takes 20 years to get started and reversing is a nightmare,” another player commented.

Warzone Operators in vehicles
Warzone’s first iteration had a ton of different vehicle options for players to utilize.

In agreement, one user said, “The way they changed all the vehicles to be slow and clunky in Warzone 2 is one of the most head-scratching decisions these devs have ever made.”

Although there hasn’t been too much information from developers regarding vehicles in the next chapter of Warzone, players are optimistic that this won’t be a significant issue, considering the mode is fast-paced and populated compared to Zombies.

Both Raven Software and SHG have shown their ability to address community concerns by reverting modifications. However, the potential changes to vehicles will only become clear when the integration takes place on December 6.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out everything we know about the MW3 Zombies mode or why players fear MW2 guns will be useless on the new Urzikstan map.

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