Warzone expert reveals MW3 LMG to dominate Urzikstan map with “crazy” stats

Liam Mackay
MW3 Operator firing Pulemyot 762 LMG

All of Modern Warfare 3’s weapons arrive in Warzone alongside the new Urzikstan map in December’s Season 1, and meta expert WhosImmortal has detailed an LMG with “absolutely nuts” stats.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 arrives on December 6 and not only does it bring new weapons and maps, it also integrates the latest CoD game with Warzone. All of MW3’s weapons and some of its mechanics will be added to the battle royale alongside the new Urzikstan map.

To be ready to dominate Warzone, you’ll want to level up as many MW3 weapons as possible. We already expect weapons like the KATT-AMR and Holger 556 to be meta picks in Warzone, but popular YouTuber and weapon stats expert WhosImmortal has revealed an LMG with “phenomenal” stats that you should level up before the update.

The LMG in question is the Pulemyot 762 which WhosImmortal compared to the PKM, a “sleeper” LMG that was “literally good from day one until the day Warzone Caldera shut down.” He said MW3’s Pulemyot will be similar to that weapon in “a lot of ways.”

With “fantastic” base stats, the Pulemyot is set to dominate with a fast TTK and “phenomenal” damage-per-magazine. However, it’s the Conversion Kit that WhosImmortal thinks will really set the LMG apart.

Equipping the Pulemyot’s Jak Annihilator Bullpup Kit changes it from “a super heavy and slow LMG into a really fun sort of LMG/AR hybrid.”

While the conversion kit hurts the LMG’s range, “the movement goes crazy,” boosting almost all of its mobility stats including movement speed, sprint-to-fire, ADS speed, and more.

Because the Pulemyot is essentially “two guns in one” where “both could be phenomenal,” WhosImmortal recommends maxing it out so it’s ready for the Urzikstan launch on December 6.

For other weapons, WhosImmortal also recommends leveling up the Renetti for its Conversion Kit, as well as the WSP-9 which could be a strong option for both Sniper support and as a regular SMG.

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