Warzone 2 to restore classic lobby size and players are delighted

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone Operators on a boat

At launch, Warzone 2 will deliver the classic lobby size that CoD battle royale players have become accustomed to.

Warzone 2 is fast approaching and players are receiving a ton of new information concerning the next Call of Duty battle royale experience ahead of its November 16 launch. Not only will players have to get to grips with new features, but Warzone 2 Season 1 content is also arriving on November 16, so there’ll be plenty of new weapons and Operators to unlock.

One question that has been worrying Warzone players since Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah was revealed is the lobby player count. The original Warzone started with 150-player lobbies, only to change throughout the game’s seasons.

Oftentimes, the lobby size would drop below 150, much to the frustration of Warzone players. Given that Al Mazrah is much larger than Warzone’s previous maps, players were concerned that small lobbies would slow down the pace of the game.

How many players are in a Warzone 2 lobby?

Luckily, players can breathe a sigh of relief as battle royale modes in Warzone 2 are confirmed to be at 150 players.

The positive news was revealed on November 9 as CoD content creators were given early access to Warzone 2 during a live event. It seems 150 player lobbies will be standard across all battle royale modes at launch.

Players were quick to react with a chorus of “Ws,” “thank god,” and “SUIIIII,” indicating that the return to 150-player lobbies is a major win. It’s no surprise to see the positive reception given that this number is what Warzone fans are most familiar with during the peak of Warzone’s popularity.

According to players, the return to the original player count is a step in the right direction, but it’s important to note that the lobby sizes in Warzone 2 are subject to change as they often did in the original. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest Warzone 2 lobby developments.

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Image Credit: Activision