Warzone expert reassures players sniping meta will return after MW3 update

Nathan Warby
Warzone player in ghillie suit with Sniper Rilfe

Warzone is set to undergo plenty of changes when it integrates with Modern Warfare 3, and CoD guru Metaphor has assured players that Sniper Rifles, in particular, will receive major boosts once the new Urzikstan map drops.

Modern Warfare 3 will kick off a new era for Call of Duty when it arrives on November 10, and Warzone will be on the receiving end of some major changes. Integration with MW3 brings the new Urzikstan map, as well as fresh Perks for fans to try out.

As part of the Season 1 update, every Modern Warfare 3 gun will make the jump over to Warzone, joining the existing lineup of weapons from MW2 (2022). Many had feared that the older guns would fall by the wayside once the new roster arrives, but Warzone expert Metaphor has reassured fans that this won’t be the case.

In his October 23 video, the YouTuber explained that Sledgehammer Games have told creators like JGOD that older guns will receive a new “weapon profile” to keep them in line with Modern Warfare 3. This means that each MW2 weapon will be reworked to play differently in both multiplayer and Warzone.

He went on to say this will have a major effect on many weapons in Warzone going forward, particularly Sniper Rifles.

“What I do know, is they’re actually one-shot kill again just like they were in Warzone 1,” said Metaphor. “The only difference is they’re going to work more like Caldera than Verdansk, where there’s going to be a range limitation on them.”

Currently, only a handful of Sniper Rifles, such as the FJX Imperium or MCPR-300, can one-shot kill by using certain ammo types. This has led to the Snipers without one-shot capabilities falling out of the meta, but Metaphor felt that many forgotten options will be viable once Modern Warfare 3 arrives.

He said: “There’s a good chance that MW2 Snipers like the SPX and LA-B will be sped up, and they’re going to be one-shot.”

We’ll have to wait and see exactly how each of the older guns are tweaked to keep up with the new weapons in Modern Warfare 3. But Metaphor clearly believes that the Warzone meta will be more competitive than ever before.

The good news is that players’ attachments and Blueprints will be available right away thanks to the Carry Forward feature, which should make adjusting to the new map even easier.

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