Player wins Blackout match with an insane Sensor Dart Trick Shot

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Trick shots are common place in Call of Duty games. Whether it’s across the map throwing knife kills in Modern Warfare 2 or just a quick scope on a Helicopter in Blackout, the impossible becomes the possible in CoD.

However, this clip seems to exceed my expectations for what can be done in Call of Duty. In the Blackout Battle Royale mode, players can find and use a Sensor Dart that can detect enemies around a small area when placed. This piece of equipment has very short range and is typically used defensively rather than offensively.

Well, accidents happen and when Reddit user “Bullza123’s” teammate panicked, causing him to use his Sensor Dart in the final circle, accidents become miracles.

As seen in the Reddit post below, the player hops from a second floor house with 4 players still in the march. With Bullza123 screaming on the mic that an enemy is behind him, the player jams on his controller shooting out a sensor dart directly in front of him.

Luckily, that’s where the final enemy was standing netting their team the Blackout win. While I’ve seen Bowie Knife finishers, trophy system wins, and more, this has to be my favorite. So remember, when you’re out of ammo, don’t forget your equipment!

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