MW3 & Warzone Altered Strain event end date & how to get free rewards

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Warzone Altered Strain

Season 4 Reloaded is host to a ton of themed events in MW3 and Warzone, offering players a ton of free rewards to unlock. One of them is Altered Strain, which follows Critical Countdown‘s DNA theme.

So, here’s all you need to know about the new mid-season event, including how you can get all the free rewards.

Start & end date

The Altered Strain event in MW3 and Warzone began on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, and runs until Wednesday, July 24. This gives players up to four weeks to grind all the free rewards that are available.

The event was released along with Retro Warfare, another pixel-themed event with additional rewards up for grabs.

MW3 players in Mutation mode Season 4 Reloaded
The Altered Strain event revolves around a DNA theme.

How to earn rewards

The Altered Strain features 19 cosmetic rewards that players can unlock for free, and you’ll be required to collect “altered DNA samples” from fallen enemies and Loot Caches (Warzone).

As of June 26, only one of the four total Mastery Challenges is completely available. We’ll be sure to update this guide once new challenges are announced.

All rewards

Here are all the rewards along with their requirements:

Mastery Challenge 1

  1. Double XP Token – Collect 390 Ade-OGT (blue) DNA samples
  2. Double Weapon XP Token – Collect 780 Ade-OGT (blue) DNA samples
  3. Double Battle Pass XP Token – Collect 1,560 Ade-OGT (blue) DNA samples
  4. Double Weapon XP Token – Collect 3,125 Ade-OGT (blue) DNA samples
  5. Double Weapon XP Token – Collect 5,250 Ade-OGT (blue) DNA samples
  6. Double Battle Pass XP Token – Collect 12,500 Ade-OGT (blue) DNA samples

Mastery Challenge 2

  1. First Strike Mutation Augmentation – Collect 780 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samples
  2. Pet Strain Charm – Collect 1,560 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samples
  3. [Coming soon] Class Pet Emblem – Collect 3,125 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samples
  4. [Coming soon] Flop Shot Mutation Augmentation – Collect 6,250 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samples
  5. [Coming soon] Double XP Token – Collect 12,500 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samples

Mastery Challenge 3

  1. [Coming soon] Repocket Mutation Augmentation – Collect 1,200 TBA (green) DNA samples
  2. [Coming soon] You Tried! Calling Card – Collect 2,340 TBA (green) DNA samples
  3. [Coming soon] Mutation Station Large Decal – Collect 4,675 TBA (green) DNA samples
  4. [Coming soon] Attuned Mutation Augmentation – Collect 9,350 TBA (green) DNA samples

Mastery Challenge 4

  1. [Coming soon] Galvanized Mutation Augmentation – Collect 1,560 TBA (red) DNA samples
  2. [Coming soon] Battle Pass Tier Skip – Collect 3,125 TBA (red) DNA samples
  3. [Coming soon] Dendritic Devastation Camo – Collect 6,250 TBA (red) DNA samples

Mastery reward

Strands and Slaughter Weapon Blueprint SOA Subverter
Be sure to rack up as many DNA samples as possible to fulfill the objectives and unlock the blueprint.

By completing all the Masery Challenges, you will unlock the Strands and Slaughter Weapon Blueprint for the SOA Subverter Battle Rifle.

Multiplayer mutation effects

The Altered Strain event will also carry additional effects, called augmentations, affecting the Mutant powers within MW3’s multiplayer Mutation mode.

Here are all the augmentations available and how to unlock them:

AugmentationUnlock RequiermentDescription
First StrikeCollect 780 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samplesRapid cooldown on first ability used after respawn
Flop ShotCollect 6,250 Cyto-RCG (orange) DNA samplesDiving from elevated surfaces produces a small explosion
RepocketCollect 1,200 TBA (green) DNA samplesKills with abilities have a chance to replenish tactical ability
AttunedCollect 9,350 TBA (green) DNA samplesReduced cost to acquire the Mutant Juggernaut
GalvanizedCollect 1,560 TBA (red) DNA samplesTemporary damage reduction from explosives

Whether you jump into MW3’s Mutation mode to earn the augmentations or grind out the event to claim all the rewards, be sure you have the best guns, controller, and audio settings to dominate the enemy threats.