Modern Warfare 3 devs reveal fan-favorite feature isn’t coming back to multiplayer

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Modern Warfare 3 devs shared a handful of details about the game during a live interview with popular creator Repullze, among them, they revealed that a fan-favorite feature won’t come back in MW3’s multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 3 is fully underway with players enjoying all the content the game has to offer, including notable movement changes, the reintroduction of the complete MW2 2009 map roster, new mastery camos, and much more.

Additionally, the SHG team also brought back several beloved features, such as the slide cancel, classic minimap, and map voting, among others.

However, in a recent livestream interview with content creator Repullze, the developers announced that one classic feature won’t be coming back in MW3.

MW3 devs reveal classic Prestige system won’t be returning

Throughout the livestream, Greg Reisdorf, Multiplayer Creative Director at Sledgehammer Games, confirmed that MW3 will not feature the traditional Prestige system. Instead, the game will carry the same Seasonal system as Modern Warfare 2.

He also mentioned that the team “couldn’t get into Weapon Prestige” despite “really wanting” to reintroduce both traditional systems into MW3, but unfortunately it “didn’t happen.”

Below CharlieIntel’s post, players expressed their dissatisfaction with the news. One fan remarked, “You could hear the sadness in his voice.” Another player added, “Also disappointed that they couldn’t include weapon prestige.”

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“This hurts to hear they wanted it back, I hope there is still hope in the future we get to have the OG prestige system back,” said another reply. Another chimed in, saying: “It’s crazy how one dev team with the time given, really brought so [many] basic things of call of duty back.”

Since its addition in MW2, players have slammed the Seasonal Prestige system, even calling out major changes and hoping for the return of the traditional system. Despite having listened to the feedback, the team hasn’t managed to change the system, but they’ll ensure that players have cosmetic content to earn throughout the post-launch seasons.

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