MW3 players demand nerf to OP stun ammo with “no place in the game”

Nathan Warby
Mw3 player holding LMG on Favela

Modern Warfare 3 has plenty of choices when it comes to ammo, all with unique effects and bonuses. However, there’s one ammo option in particular that players want to receive a major nerf, with some even arguing it has “no place in the game.”

Modern Warfare 3 players are spoiled for choice when it comes to building their ideal loadout. The game features 36 new guns, alongside the returning weapons from Modern Warfare 2, from lethal SMGs to long-range Sniper Rifles.

As you level up each gun, there are also plenty of different attachments to help you customize it and fit it to your specific playstyle. These range from Barrels and Optics, all the way down to the type of ammo the magazines are stocked with.

But as the MW3 meta has started to reveal itself in the lead-up to Season 1, players are begging for a nerf to one of the game’s most “annoying” ammo types.

In a post on the MW3 subreddit, ‘Pericles’ said that “Hollow Point ammo needs a nerf,” before sharing a clip to prove their point. The video showed the player being slowed down dramatically after being hit by the ammo type, which made it virtually impossible to recover when paired with the onscreen effects and blood splatter.

According to the in-game description, Hollowpoint rounds “deform on impact, slowing the target and disabling sprint for a short time when hitting the target’s legs.” However, many MW3 players feel the effects are too strong.

“It’s a built-in stun. It’s pretty ridiculous,” said one reply, before another argued: “Not [many] people run it but I noticed it from day one this s**t has no place in the game. It’s absurd.”

Meanwhile, some MW3 players had been encountering enemies who were able to “shoot and stun” them at the same time but weren’t aware of what was causing the problem.

“IS THAT WHATS BEEN DOING THAT???” asked another confused fan. “Bro every game there’s at least one person who when they shoot me I’m like, ‘how am I getting giga flash banged and shot at the same time?'”

Although there were plenty of calls for Sledgehammer Games to nerf Hollowpoint ammo or remove it altogether, some argued that the slowing effect is “a good counter” to “sweats that run and jump like crazy,” claiming it should be kept around for those who don’t like to run around the map.

Only time will tell if the devs decide to tweak MW3’s Hollowpoint ammo in a future update, but the community clearly feels a change is needed to keep matches balanced. For more on MW3, be sure to check out the best Assault Rifles to run and the ideal PC settings.