MW3 player creates Perk Vest to fix “extremely slow” health regeneration

Joseph Pascoulis
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MW3 players are fed up with the slow health regen in multiplayer, so they created a new Vest to fix the issue.

MW3 features a variety of Vests and Gear to accommodate many playstyles, not to mention the huge arsenal of weapons ranging from Assault Rifles and SMGs to Snipers and Launchers.

That said, some in the community feel something is missing, as one Reddit user decided to share a mock-up image of a new Perk Vest. One of the major issues players seem to have with MW3 is the time it takes to regenerate health.

Usually, the Quick Fix Perk solves the problem, but that isn’t in MW3, and players aren’t satisfied with Stims and the Med Box. So, user FlowKom decided to make a new Vest that tends to this problem, sharing it on the MW3 subreddit.

The player’s made-up Medic Vest starts health regen after killing an enemy and also initiates health regen after “2 seconds when standing on an objective.” The OP calls it “the hero we need right now,” as it would satisfy those who miss Quick Fix and feel as if the health regen takes too long.

In the comments under the post, players seem to agree and like the idea, as one player said, “Heal up time after a gunfight feels extremely slow, even slower than MWII,” while another commented, “I’d run it.”

Some just feel the “healing time needs to be faster by default,” while others are skeptical about bringing a Quick Fix Perk to MW3, “100% I miss quick fix, I wonder if it would be way too op considering TTK.”

Other comments have even suggested ways to balance this made-up Medi Vest, suggesting that ” there would need to be more tradeoff for it to exist with the higher TTKs.” The player suggests that in order for a Vest with Quick Fix to return, “it needs to completely lose the regen on objectives functionality, or you’d need to sacrifice something more significant than the tactical like boots or gear.”

There are Vests in the game that provide powerful Perks at the expense of other gear and Equipment, such as the Gunner Vest, which provides two Primary weapons at the price of Boots, so perhaps this is a fair trade-off for something like Quick Fix.

Either way, this is only a community-made Vest and Sledgehammer Games have not announced anything about new Perks and gear entering the game any time soon. That said, perhaps the demand will spark the devs to introduce a version of Quick Fix following the MW3 Season 1 update.

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