MW3 gets major health buffs in Season 2 update

Nathan Warby
MW3 players on Invasion

Health has been a major talking point in Modern Warfare 3, after the devs decided to slow down the TTK by giving players 50 more than in previous games. Now, as the Season 2 update goes live, even more health buffs have been rolled out.

The Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 update is finally here, bringing the long-awaited Walking Dead crossover as Rick Grimes arrives in the Battle Pass, as well as a host of new weapons and maps for players to get stuck into.

It also comes with a host of changes, including tweaks to the aim assist offered to mouse and keyboard players, and a nerf to melee attacks.

Among these gameplay adjustments is a buff to health regeneration that’s sure to be a hot topic with the MW3 community.

As revealed in the Season 2 patch notes, players will now begin regeneration health three seconds after taking damage. This is one second faster than the four seconds it took previously, meaning players don’t have to take cover for as long before returning to maximum health.

This isn’t the only health change, as the speed with which it regenerates has also been improved. Health is restored at a rate of 75hp/s, up from the 40 it was at launch.

MW3 Season 2 roadmap
The MW3 Season 2 update brought fresh health buffs.

The MW3 devs explained the decision, adding: “We’ve adjusted health regeneration to better match the pace of gameplay. Now, for example, it’ll only take ~5s to heal from 1 to 150 health, down from the previous ~7.7s. These changes aim to enhance the intensity and satisfaction of gunfights.”

All in all, this drastically reduces the window that a player will be vulnerable after taking damage or narrowly scraping through a close gunfight, making it easier to bounce back from a tough situation.

This may prove to be a controversial decision, as many MW3 fans already feel the time-to-kill is too forgiving. All players have 50 more base health than they did in MW2 and other CoD multiplayer titles, making the TTK a split-second longer.

Meanwhile, there are others who have welcomed the extra health, as it gives them more time to react after being hit. Only time will tell how drastically the changes added in Season 2 will impact the pace of matches in Modern Warfare 3 going forward.

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