Multiple Streamers hint at the return of the Blackout Beta – UPDATE: Nope

Ethan Chrisp

UPDATE: The beta is not returning. Sorry for the confusion.

The wait for the return of Black Ops 4’s Blackout may not be as long as we were all thinking. Multiple high-profile Streamers, who also happen to be a part of the Blackout ‘Doritos Bowl’, seem to be hinting at the return of the Blackout Beta.

Keep in mind these are simply rumors until officially confirmed.

Dr DisRespect

Metal Band Avenged Sevenfold took to Twitter to announce a partnership with the Two-Time Champion. A7X will be premiering their new song, ‘Mad Hatter’, on September 20th.

However, there are two arguments against this being Blackout-related. The first of which being that A7X’s ‘Mad Hatter’ was made specifically for the ‘IX’ Zombies Map. The second being that the Doc is hosting a PUBG Tournament the same day.



During a PUBG livestream, Shroud appears to have slipped-up and mentioned that Blackout will be returning September 20th.

Blackout tomorrow, whoo! Wait… No, no, no.

Shroud’s duo then proceeds to quickly change the subject, seemingly to draw attention away from what was just said.



During a Blackout livestream a fan stated “This is it, no more betas”, in which Choco replied:

Uh… Just wait and see about that, I would say.