Modern Warfare 3 leaks reveal classic minimap, Ninja Perk with new Gear system, more

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Modern Warfare 3 is the rumored Call of Duty release for 2023, and leaks have revealed some exciting details about a return to the classic minimap and the possibility of Ninja as a Perk.

There have been lots of rumors and speculation about Call of Duty 2023, which is said to be called Modern Warfare 3. While it’s pretty much confirmed to be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2, continuing the campaign story and tying into Warzone 2, there’s not a lot of concrete information out there.

That said, new leaks from a reliable source has revealed information about Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty release, giving fans a potential insight into what Modern Warfare 3 will look and play like.

Modern Warfare 3 leaks

Red dots on minimap to return

Leaker BobNetworkUK is known for accurate Call of Duty leaks, and they have revealed some information regarding Modern Warfare 3, which is Sledgehammer Games’ next CoD title.

According to the leaker, Modern Warfare 3 will see the return of the classic minimap, which essentially means that red dots will be back. Infinity Ward are the only studio that seem to be against the classic minimap, as both Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 have not included red dots on the minimap.

This decision has received a lot of backlash, but the devs have stood strong and decided to stick with their choice. Fans of the classic minimap have not been impressed with Infinity Ward, but luckily it seems Sledgehammer Games will be bringing it back.

Leaked Gear Perk system & Ninja

Further, the leaker also claims that the Ninja Perk will be returning with Modern Warfare 3 as well, along with a new Gear system, which seems to be a new way for players to choose their Perks.

In this new Gear system, the leak suggests that players will choose pieces of Gear like a helmet and boots, and these will essentially be the player’s Perks. For example, Ninja will likely be a pair of boots that the player will equip, and Fast Hands might be a pair of gloves.

It’s said to be a more traditional Perk system but with a new categorization with Gear.

War game mode from WW2 set to return in MW3

As well as the classic minimap and new Gear Perk system, leaks also suggest that the popular War game mode from WW2 will be returning.

This mode was more objective-based, with its very own tailored maps. War saw players working as a team to complete a mission with tasks such as planting bombs, taking over a point, and even building bridges to attack. The mode was great for those who enjoyed a more team-based experience, getting the chance to both defend or attack strategic objectives.

War was very popular in WW2, and it’s Sledgehammer Games’ very own mode, so it’s exciting to hear it could be returning.

MW3 UI set to be similar to MW2

Modern Warfare 3’s UI is said to be similar to MW2, as leaks revealed some images showing some menu screens with weapons, which is very similar to the Modern Warfare 2 UI. We’ll have to wait and see how accurate these leaks are to know for sure.

As always, take these leaks with a pinch of salt, as nothing has been confirmed. Check out the actor claiming they’re in CoD 2024 and the leaked Niki Minaj Operator skin.

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