MW3 players slam $60 pay-to-lose camo: “I can’t even see”

Nathan Warby
Captain Price aiming rifle in MW3

Modern Warfare 3 players can unlock the exclusive Royalty Tiger weapon skin by purchasing a $60 bag, but furious fans have claimed the bright camo is more like a permanent “Flashbang.”

Modern Warfare 3 is full of different cosmetics for fans to unlock, whether it’s Mastery Camos or free rewards part of an in-game event. Meanwhile, the store is stocked with different Operators and other items for those who don’t mind parting with real money.

Players can also earn unique cosmetics by making purchases outside of the game, whether it’s Monster Energy, Burger King, or Little Caesars.

However, MW3 players have slammed an exclusive camo that comes with a $60 bag, claiming it actually comes with major drawbacks when equipped in matches.

Activision were offering the Royalty Tiger camo with the Call of Duty Task Force 141 Crossbody Sling Bag on their official store. The bag has since sold out, but it would have originally cost $60 plus shipping.

But once players saw the shiny pink camo in action, they couldn’t believe how bright it was compared to other skins in the game. News account ‘Call of Duty Hub’ shared a clip showing how it looks in matches and fans quickly roasted the skin.

“Why would I want to pay [$60] to get a skin that essentially flash bangs me every time I ADS?” asked one reply, before another added: “That legit looks like it would f**k up my gameplay.”

Another player who appeared to have received the camo also replied, saying: “I can’t even see anything else. It’s just bright pink.”

It’s worth noting that the Royalty Tiger camo only glows in this way during Zombies games at night, and is turned down in regular multiplayer. However, other players mentioned that this is a recurring issue with skins unlocked in the new-look Zombies mode.

“The skins in Zombies seem WAY too bright this happens with the Goulie event camo as well,” argued another player.

It isn’t clear at the moment if the Royalty Tiger camo is supposed to be this blinding in MW3, or if it’s bugged. Either way, fans will no doubt be hoping that the devs tweak the skin in a future update.

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