Level Cap raised to lvl 34 + Uplink mode and ‘Stronghold’ now live in Black Ops 3 beta on PS4


UPDATE – Aug. 21: The new beta update is now live on PlayStation 4. The new update added a new level cap of 34, a new map Stronghold, and Uplink game mode. 

Treyarch has announced in their Day 2 Periscope Stream that they will be bringing new content to the Black Ops 3 beta on August 21st at 10AM PT.

The new content includes:

  • Level cap will be raised to Level 34. The new Level Cap will allow you to unlock the following items:
    • VMP SMG
    • H.A.T.R scorestreak
    • Power Core scorestreak
    • Reaper Specialist
  • New Game Mode: Uplink
  • New Map: Stronghold (bringing total number of maps to 4)


SOURCE: Treyarch Periscope stream

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