Warzone’s JAK Scimitar Kit unlocks must-use attachment for meta SMG

Joseph Pascoulis
jak scimitar fjx horus in mw3 firing range

A new Warzone Season 4 Conversion Kit has turned one of the game’s best SMGs into a powerful mid-range option with a fast TTK, as well as unlocking an essential attachment for the weapon.

Warzone Season 4‘s Week 3 challenges provides a new Conversion Kit to unlock for one of the game’s best close-range options in the FJX Horus.

The JAK Scimitar Kit for the FJX Horus boosts the SMG‘s bullet velocity and damage range, while also greatly improving the gun’s recoil control and firing aim stability. This makes the weapon a lot more effective at range, turning it into a sort of SMG-AR hybrid.

While the attachment does penalize the SMG’s movement and handling, I found attachments such as the XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop and No Stock Mod perfect for balancing it out, as they will increase your sprint to fire, movement, aim walking, and aim down sight speeds.

On top of this, the JAK Scimitar also unlocks the 60 Round Mag for the FJX Horus. Using the Conversion Kit will automatically put the 60 Round Mag on your weapon, but after unlocking the JAK Scimitar, you can then use the 60 Round Mag for any FJX Horus build.

Prior to the JAK Scimitar’s release, the 60 Round Mag was permanently locked for the FJX Horus, but now there’s finally a way to unlock and use it. 60 rounds is more than enough bullets in Warzone, and it works especially well with the Conversion Kit on the FJX Horus considering you’ll be using it more from range.

Popular Call of Duty YouTuber WhosImmortal also highlighted the new JAK Scimitar Conversion Kit in his June 12 video, in which he described it as an attachment you “need to unlock.”

The Warzone expert finished off his JAK Scimitar FJX Horus loadout with the 9mm High Grain Rounds for extra bullet velocity and range, while also opting for the ECS Requieter Suppressor to improve stability and aim down sight speed further.

WhosImmortal explained that the weapon turns into a more “mid-ranged-based” weapon with the Aftermarket Part, so you may want to use it as more of a Sniper support. If you’re interested in doing just that, make sure you check out our best Kar98k loadout and the top Sniper options in Season 4.