Dedicated Servers for Ghosts MP coming to PC – UPDATE

Keshav Bhat

UPDATE: Mark Rubin has confirmed in an interview with Now_Gamer that PC version will have dedicated servers.

What about PS4/PS3? Mark Rubin isn’t talking about those yet.

He said, “dedicated servers are on PC and it is on Xbox One, but I can’t talk about any other platforms.”

“Well we’re having to not talk about all of it right now,” was Mark Rubin’s initial comment, almost evading it entirely.

“We did mention dedicated servers on Xbox One,” he continued, “one thing I can say is we’re also doing dedicated servers on PC. So PC will be all dedicated servers, all of it.”

According to one of the Cods.De writers, Tina Palacios apparently confirmed to him at Gamescom that Ghosts MP will also have dedicated servers for PC.

We reached out to Activision PR and are still waiting for official confirmation so stay tuned..


SOURCE: @Majus8

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