Controversial “Groot” skin returns to MW3 & Warzone in Season 1 Reloaded

Stephanie Zucarelli
CoD Gaia & Gaia BlackCell Operator

MW3 & Warzone Season 1 Reloaded has finally nerfed the Gaia and Gaia BlackCell Operator skins, the controversial cosmetic that seemingly turned players “invisible.”

MW3 and Warzone’s Season 1 Reloaded updates have arrived, introducing an array of content that promises to challenge even the most experienced players. Along with new content for multiplayer, and a set of new weapons, devs included a new crossover with Amazon’s popular series The Boys and reintroduced the controversial Gaia “Groot” skin.

The Gaia “Groot” skin first appeared as part of the Warzone and MW2 Season 6 Battle Pass, alongside The Haunting event, and players were quick to report that Gaia’s design was almost impossible to see, especially in the dark. To stop this unintended camouflage buff, devs temporarily disabled the Gaia and Gaia BlackCell Operator skin and promised to improve its visibility.

After nearly two months, MW3 and Warzone Season 1 Reloaded finally drastically adjusted the geometry and appearance of both Operator skins drastically increasing their visibility, allowing players to easily locate enemies who choose to use it in the game, who were previously almost impossible to find.

Controversial skins have consistently found favor among Call of Duty players. Veteran players may recall MW 2019’s infamous Roze skin or MW2 Season 4 Reloaded’s Black Noir, with the latter still retaining some popularity due to its useful low visibility.

Unfortunately, Gaia’s “Groot” skin seems to have met a similar fate as Roze’s. Only time will tell if the updated version of Gaia “Groot” Operator skin will still give players an extra “buff,” especially with the introduction of the new Rio map, a ton of brand-new options for multiplayer, and the mysterious Night Vision Gulag.

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