CoD 2015 Rumor Roundup: Black Ops 3? 16vs16, Exo-suits, Wall running, Future setting & more


There seems to be a drought in intel in regards to Treyarch’s Call of Duty game in the works. The last couple of weeks, industry insider @Shinobi602 has been replying to followers with whispers he’s heard but we’ve been unable to verify the intel in any way. So far the consistant talk we’ve heard is that the next Call of Duty will take an even bigger leap or evolution than Advanced Warfare did, and the possibilty of a more futuristic setting this time around.

Keep in mind, this is all speculations and rumors, Treyarch and Activision haven’t officially reavealed or even teased anything, nothing has been shown to the community behind closed doors so these are all rumors for now. We just want to keep you up to date on what the community has been talking about recently.

Yesterday Tmartn posted a video with a list of rumors he spotted on a Reddit post (still trying to obtain source), but the main details are:

  • Current-gen only
  • campaign looks gorguous, better than Advanced Warfare
  • campaign to be open-world but still linear
  • “Jetpacks and/or Exos”
  • Switch to different characters in singleplayer (like GTAV)
  • Exo-suits will have a wall running ability
  • Zombies to have stand alone map packs, Raven to assist
  • Custom map editor for private lobbies only and ability to share
  • Pick 13 returning but no upgradable scorestreaks
  • Dynamic weather and elements on all maps this time
  • Raid and Nuketown remakes
  • maps are larger than Advanced Warfare
  • 16vs16 and 32vs32.

Personally, we think the list is complete bullshit, theres no way Call of Duty would ever change to 16vs16 or even 32vs32 which kind of destroys all credibilty for the list. We just want to let you know whats floating around out there, again, the most consistant rumor that we’ve heard is:

  • Black Ops 3
  • Futuristic setting
  • Bigger leap in evolution (more changes)

There you have it, let us know what you think in the comments below….

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