All Essence Sample locations in MW3 Zombies

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Essence Samples can be used to complete the Act 2 Essence of Aether Tier 3 mission, so here are all the Essence Samples locations in MW3 Zombies.

MW3 Season 1 is underway with players enjoying all the new content available throughout multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

If you’re more of a Zombies player, then you’re probably looking to complete all the MW3 Zombies Act Missions to learn the narrative of the new MW universe.

During your MWZ adventures, in Act 2, you’ll be tasked with finding Essence Samples to complete the Essence of Aether Tier 3 mission. So, here’s every location of the Essence Samples within the Urzikstan map.

How to get every Essence Sample in MW3 Zombies

To find every Essence Sample in MW3 Zombies, players will have to travel to different locations within Urzikstan.

Here’s every step and location to visit to get every Essence Sample available:

Rostova Shops

Rostova Shops Essence Sample
The Rostova Shops Essence Sample will be above a desk.

The first Essence Sample will be found next to the Levin Resort POI, in the C3 location of the map. To get it, you’ll have to enter the biggest building and in the middle of it upon entering, you’ll see the Essence Sample.

Quadri Shopping Center

Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample
Be careful as the Quadri Shopping Center Essence Sample is near a Medium Threat level zone.

The next Essence Sample will be located within the Zaravan City POI, in the C6 location of the map. All you need to do is head to the square building and you’ll see the Essence Sample on top of a bar counter.

Hamza Bazaar

Hadiqa Farms Essence Sample
To grab the Essence Sample, just tap the interact button.

The last Essence Sample can be found in the Hadiqa Farms POI, in the H6 location of the map. Simply head to the small structure between the two big buildings and grab it from the counter in the middle of the room.

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