Additional BO2 Multiplayer opinions and observations from Gamescom


1) In terms of graphics, does it appear like its running on the MW3 engine or the BO Engine? Improved?

CI: It appears like the game is running on an improved BO engine, the graphics have been enhanced but some certain things remain the same, such as the details within buildings, but you can easily tell it has been upgraded a generous amount.

2) Whats your favorite map and why?

CI: Aftermath: The color on the map is fantastic giving of a great vibrance. The map structure has a bit for every type of player, routes to run directly into each other, flanking right round the back and also good sniping spots.

3) What did you like most?

CI: I was most impressed by the all new scorestreak, I just thought this was simply brilliant and a great way to reward every player, making the game more balanced and fun for everyone. Along with this the actual scorestreak are fantastic some new and some old a nice mix of both.

4) What did you dislike most?

CI: Possibly the most hardest question, the only thing I noticed is sometimes the hit detection could be a bit strange but this only happened once or twice. But then again, it is the alpha version.

5) As far as a learning curve, will any of the changes make it easier or harder for new players?

CI: I believe new players will find Black Ops 2 most welcoming, it offers an ease into the game through attachments on guns and also with the new eSports mode if you decide to play it, you will only be against players of your level.

6) Favorite Scorestreak and why?

CI: My favorite scorestreak would be “Swarm”. Why? When you first deploy it and get about 2 kills in 10 seconds it appears disappointing for the work you have done, however 10 seconds later and a hige bombardment of hunter killer drones “Swarm” the enemy racking you up a hige amount of kills.

7) How would you compare “Hit detection”? Similar to BO or MW3?

CI: To be honest, I would compare the hit detection to a more defined Modern Warfare 3, it seems very similar to it.

8) What’s one thing you hope they add prior to November?

CI: I would like to see more “Fun” weapons with the game which would be the crossbow and ballastic knife. However if the crossbow does make its return I would love to see some different attachments for this (Different bolts, sights). Its rumored the crossbow is in MP, however it was no where to be seen in the demo.

9) Favorite Create a Class setup?

CI: Primary: SCAR
Primary Attachments: Reflex, Silencer, Extended Mag.
Perk 1: Lightweight
Perk 2: Fast Hands
Perk 3: Dead Silence

Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Concussion

Wildcard: Primary Gunfigther

10) Most memorable moment while playing?

CI: I was fortunate enough to have Hastr0 CODcast the first game I played, which I went 35-5 on. For him to see the leaderboard and shout “…AND CHARLIE INTEL IS GOING HUGE ON 35-5,
destroying everything!…” was pretty awesome. But overall, Gamescom on the whole was my best memory.