Hidden caches locations in Warzone 2: All Al Mazrah cache locations

Liam Mackay
hidden cache in warzone 2 al mazrah map

Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah map contains plenty of hidden caches that include high-tier loot and a ton of cash, so here are all of the cache locations.

With Loadout Drops being even more difficult to get a hold of, despite returning in Buy Stations during Season 1 Reloaded, and cash harder to come by in Warzone 2, looting as much money as possible has become even more important when it comes to buying weapons and teammates back from a Buy Station.

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While it’s great to loot cash registers or complete Safecracker contracts for money, Al Mazrah’s hidden caches can hold as much as $3,500 which is a massive boost when trying to buy weapons or redeploy your squadmates.

While players have been finding them underwater and pro player WarsZ revealed a great looting route to open several in quick succession, a Twitter user has created a map with almost all of Al Mazrah’s hidden caches.

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All Warzone 2 hidden cache locations

Thanks to Twitter user nianfo, we can see almost all of the cache spots in Warzone 2‘s Al Mazrah. They said they haven’t listed them all yet as more keep being found, but we can see some clusters where you can loot several caches in quick succession for a ton of quick cash.

If you’re looking to loot caches and get a ton of money, weapons, armor, and Killstreaks fast, we recommend landing at Oasis, Cemetary, or the Airport runway. Landing here will give you access to at least five caches, meaning you can come away with well over $10,000 in only a couple of minutes.

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Of course, the only downside to landing at Oasis and the Airport runway is that these locations are far away from the action and there’s not much cover. But whether you’re landing here off the rip or coming later for a quick regain, you should come away with everything you need for the game ahead.

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