What is Warzone 2 Mini Royale playlist?

Andrew Highton
warzone 2 players getting ready to jump out of plane

Warzone 2 is shaping up to welcome back the Mini Royale playlist mode, so we’ve put together a brief explainer on how Mini Royale will work in Warzone 2.

For many people, Warzone 2 will be their first taste of Call of Duty battle royale action, and so the concept of Mini Royale will be completely foreign.

Over the last two-plus years, countless limited-time modes have dipped in and out of Warzone’s playbook, from Plunder to the much tougher Iron Trials rules, and Mini Royale will make its mark in Warzone 2, thanks to the Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded update.

Mini Royale is less complicated in its execution, but regardless, our guide will walk you through what you can expect when it goes live in Warzone 2.

How does Mini Royale work in Warzone 2?

The concept behind Mini Royale is extraordinarily simple, the loot, the map, and virtually everything are exactly the same as normal battle royale, but the game is shorter, the map is smaller, and there are fewer players.

All things considered, Mini Royale is literally just a smaller, condensed version of normal battle royale.

The loot and various mechanics all remain unchanged, but when you drop into Al Mazrah, the gas has already encroached a sizable amount into the map, meaning there will be fewer circles left and less freedom with where you can drop – bunching the game’s action together.

Also, one of the key differences is that the player count is adjusted to suit the reduced map size. Whereas you could normally expect to encounter around 150 players in normal BR, Mini Royale has previously halved this to just 75.

Urgency is the order of the day really when it comes to Mini Royale as you’ll need to drop in, score some solid loot early on, and do what you can as the game will be over a lot sooner!

That’s everything you need to know about the Mini Royale LTM in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. For more guides and content on the game, we have a ton of other articles for you to read:

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Image Credit: Activision