Warzone’s “broken” Roze skin returns as nerf apparently reversed

Andrew Highton
roze skin in warzone

The infamous broken Roze skin appears to have had its powers of invisibility restored in Warzone Season 6 with players reporting that its much-needed nerf has disappeared.

The word “Roze” instills fear in most Warzone players.The unpopular “pay-to-win” skin caused much angst among the community due to its ability to blend into dark backgrounds and give players an unfair advantage. It was eventually nerfed, and the Roze controversy has been a non-issue for some time.

Unfortunately, new evidence has come to light that suggests that the skin has gone back to its invisible roots. Once again, it seems like players that own the skin can be completely concealed in certain areas of the map due to the lighting.

roze skin holding gun in cod

The Roze skin controversy came to the fore in the original incarnation of Verdansk, due to the game’s darker color palette. Even after Raven made Verdansk slightly brighter in Season 3, players still complained about Roze not being easy enough to see.

After more complaints, Raven Software decided that something needed to be done, and the skin was nerfed in Season 4 by giving it a distinctive glow when in darker areas at distance.

Fast-forward to Warzone Season 6 though, and posts on the game’s official subreddit have suggested that the nerf has been reverted, and the skin is back to its original state.

“Has the Roze skin nerf been reversed? She’s back to being basically invisible,” one post claimed, paired with a picture showing a Roze skin without its glowing outline.

Another post seemingly backed this up with the Reddit user saying: “Posting again to hopefully draw more attention to this. Since the [Season 6] update, the Roze “fix” is no longer in place. Roze does not get brighter as she did previously and is still very dark and unable to see.”

The sentiment is echoed by many other members of the Warzone community who shared similar thoughts about the skin: “I’m so glad to see this on here this morning. Last night I got killed by a Roze skin and had an internal crisis knowing that it got fixed, but very clearly not being able to see her at all standing straight up in the middle of a room.”

To potentially combat the Roze skin, one player did suggest using the Combat Scout Perk, but the obvious flaw to this suggestion is that it first requires you to land a shot on the skin you can’t see, which was always the problem in the first place.

It’s unclear how intentional this is, or if it’s just an oversight that came with the Warzone Season 6 update. This hopefully shouldn’t be an issue for Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map with the tropical setting providing little opportunity for darkness.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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