This Warzone Uplink Stations map will help you dominate in Season 4

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone uplink stations map

As of recent, Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has introduced an interesting new way of getting high rarity loot with Satellite Uplink Stations, and one community member has made a handy Warzone Uplink Stations map to help players find these locations.

In Warzone Season 4, players have been enjoying the new weapons, or maybe even raging at them, while unlocking new items in a fresh Battle Pass.

Verdansk was also given some updates, with new vehicles, fast travel Red Doors, and even Crash Satellites dotted around the map. These locations also contain a great way for players to get the loot they need to dominate the lobby, and we’ve found a great map to help you do so.

Warzone Uplink Stations Map

First off, if you would like to know the location of all these new Crashed Satellite spots, well, you’re in luck, as we created a guide for all the new Crashed Satellite locations, so you know exactly where to go to complete the Ground Fall event challenges.

Now, if you are looking to complete a challenge that involves using the Uplink Stations in these Crashed Satellite spots, or maybe you want to do it for the great loot you receive from it, here’s a Warzone Uplink Stations map to helo you find them.

Reddit user covmike recently posted a very helpful map containing all the spawn locations for the Uplink Stations across Verdansk, which are all smaller than the four giant crashed satellites around the map.

This Warzone Uplink Stations map shows possible spawn locations for the Uplink Stations, as they will change in every new game. Further, although the map doesn’t show the stations you are sent to when using a particular Red Door, it is still helpful to see exactly where they are in Verdansk.

Warzone Uplink Stations Map

Be warned, however, that there is a lot of spawns for these Uplink Stations, and as someone has already pointed out in the comments, there is some missing:

“There is a satellite uplink missing that spawns in downtown between nakatomi, bank and City Hall (I believe that is what people call it, where you could do the puzzle easter egg with the gas). It’s right in front of bank. Oh and a second one that spawns in Quarry. I guess there are simply a lot do spawns and they rotate.”

The Uplink Stations are small, olive-colored satellite devices that aren’t the easiest things to spot, so this Warzone Uplink Stations map will benefit those struggling to find the locations of these new Season 4 items.

Hopefully, this can help you find these Uplink Stations in-game, which will also lead you to the currently very powerful scorestreak, the H.A.R.P. UAV.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / covmike

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