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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players want “broken” Nail Gun nerfed in Season 4

Call of Duty’s deadly new Nail Gun is causing too much havoc in Warzone Season 4 with fans asking for the new weapon to be nerfed.



cod warzone nail gun

Stats show that Call of Duty: Warzone’s devastating new Nail Gun is very “broken,” and players want Raven Software to nerf it in Season 4.

When it comes to new weapons debuting in a new season of Call of Duty, Activision usually nails it. This point is usually hammered home by players excessively using new weapons, and the Nail Gun is proving to be another similar case.

The novelty weapon is far from a one-off gun to be used solely for Twitch or YouTube, players are concerned that it’s broken, and its insane TTK is ruining Warzone Season 4’s meta.

Warzone operator using the nail gun

Warzone Season 4 has debuted the C58 Assault Rifle as a new weapon, but it’s also welcomed two other weapons that have players up in arms.

The MG 82 LMG has been recognized as a big problem by Raven Software, who have declared that a fix is on the way, but players also want the Nail Gun to receive similar treatment.

A Reddit user has said, “We know the MG 82 is getting a nerf, as it should, but can we bring some attention to the Nail Gun? It needs a nerf just as bad. It kills 100ms faster than the fastest-killing SMG (Cold War MP5), has 17M range (Mp5 only has 10m), and crazy mobility.

“Not only is it broken, but it’s just ridiculous to bring a Nail Gun into a ‘Warzone’ and have it somehow be the most powerful weapon.”

The negative feedback also extends to the fact that the Nail Gun should not be in the game, let alone be a meta weapon in Warzone.

“The Nail Gun is just stupid from an idea standpoint. The fact that it’s strong just makes it beyond stupid,” showlay23 says.

Given how quickly Raven Software responded to the overpowered nature of the MG 82, we feel it won’t be long until they address the Nail Gun too.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software