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Warzone players call for devs to fix severe lag in Season 4

Warzone players are frustrated with the severe lag that has arrived following the Season 4 update, and are asking the devs for a fix.



Warzone Season 4 Lag

Warzone Season 4 has brought a plethora of new content for fans to enjoy, but it’s also come with a few glaring issues, including inconsistent ping that’s causing severe lag. Now, players are asking the devs to fix this issue.

Warzone is now in Season 4 territory, and Verdansk ’84 changed with the new Red Door fast travel system. There have been significant improvements in weapon balance, but the game is facing a few issues.

Most updates often come with their own share of technical issues during their early weeks, and this new season is no exception. Players have reported serious FPS drops with stuttering recently and are now asking the devs to fix the frustrating Warzone Season 4 lag issue.

Warzone players want the devs to fix severe lag in Season 4

Reddit user cheryvilkila was just one of many players to highlight this issue in the Warzone subreddit. They made it clear that ever since Season 4 started on June 16, there have been glaring ping issues.

“The game is unplayable since the update,” wrote the user. “Ping ranges from 90ms-699ms. It’s usually 90 when I’m in a field on my own and 699 when I’m in a gunfight or enemies are close. It’s very frustrating. I’m on Series X.”

The comments were filled with other players that had encountered similar problems following the latest update. Some of them reporting massive lag spikes at the start of each round, making gunfights a huge gamble.

One user came up with an interesting theory regarding what may be causing the Warzone Season 4 lag issues. “My theory is that it’s those damn satellites crashing the server every time they fall, and it can’t take the load.”

This is referring to the satellites that have been crashing all over Verdansk. Players are tasked with finding their locations across the map as part of the brand-new Ground Fall event in Warzone Season 4.

There is also a new invisibility glitch plaguing the battle royale, so the developers probably have their hands full at the moment. Hopefully, we’ll see the Warzone Season 4 lag resolved soon enough.

Image credits: Treyarch / Activision