Warzone Season 4: All satellite locations in Verdansk

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Warzone Season 4 Satellite locations

As part of Warzone’s Season 4 live event, players are being asked to complete certain challenges in the new Satellite locations, so here are all their locations.

Warzone Season 4 has brought loads of new content for players to enjoy. Just like every season, players have been treated to a fresh Battle Pass, filled with new Black Ops weapons and cosmetics.

As well as the typical new season content, Raven Software has also dropped a new live event with Season 4 entitled Ground Fall, which is requiring players to land at the fallen Satellite locations.

All Warzone Season 4 Satellite locations

Warzone Season 4 Satellite locations

Warzone has added 4 new Crashed Satellite locations on Verdansk, where players can also interact with the Sat-Link stations in order to gain rewards and complete challenges.

Players will be able to find the Sat-Link stations at these crash sites, although they are fairly difficult to find due to their small and olive green appearance:

  • Krovnik Farmland: Sprawled across the center of a crop field on the right side of Farmland.
  • Bloc 18: Found just under the Salt Mines in a nearby village, players are able to parachute down towards it from Array.
  • Bloc 16: Just above the Airport a Crashed Satellite can be found in the Gora riverbed.
  • Gora Bridge: On the bridge just to the right of Promenade East players will find another Crashed Satellite location that has destroyed part of the infrastructure.

Once you actually find one of these Sat-Links, you will then want to interact with it and wait for a smaller satellite containing rewards to crash down nearby.

Do be careful when attempting to land at these locations and complete these challenges, as many players will be trying to do the same, and your location will be clear once you interact with a Sat-Link, as this will show on the map.

One of the rewards players were able to obtain from Sat-Links was the new Armored Trucks, however, due to the return of the invisibility glitch, they have now been removed.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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