Warzone Plunder’s Cash Deposit Balloons are invading Rebirth Island and stealing player’s money

Hamza Khalid
Cash Deposit Balloon in Warzone

A few unlucky Warzone players were shocked to discover a Cash Deposit Balloon popping up on Rebirth Island and stealing all of their money.

When you hop into Warzone, you can search around the map for cash that can be spent at Buy Stations to purchase equipment and items. You’ll lose a ton of money upon death but the Plunder mode allows you to use Cash Deposit Balloons to keep your hard-earned cash safe.

Cash Deposit Balloons are a ground loot Field Upgrade in Warzone’s Plunder mode that can be used to deposit your cash and count towards your total score. However, a few players had a strange encounter with one of these as they appeared in a regular game of Rebirth Island.

Reddit user ‘curtisjoesakic’ shared an amusing clip in the Warzone subreddit. It showed them and their teammates coming across a Cash Deposit Balloon while playing a match on Rebirth Island.

This was strange because it isn’t meant to appear on this map. The players then attempted to put some of their money into the Cash Deposit Balloon and the Field Upgrade ended up stealing all of it.

They were left with zero cash and any attempt to destroy the Balloon proved fruitless. It then took off, leaving the entire team confused, and they advised other players to avoid using Cash Deposit Balloons on Rebirth Island.

One user pointed out that this was probably a strange bug. They stated: “It would be cool if after you die you get all that money, but this just seems like a glitch and wasn’t meant to be in Rebirth.”

byu/curtisjoesakic from discussion

Many of the commenters were amused by what happened, with one user jokingly stating that the money “transfers over to Warzone 2.” Another player sarcastically claimed that “inflation is tough.”

Another user also had a bizarre experience with Cash Deposit Balloons on the map. They explained: “I tried it and it did not let me use it after I deployed the Balloon.” There were no other reports of it happening in the thread, so it’s unclear how many other players are affected by this.

byu/curtisjoesakic from discussion

Just to be safe, players should avoid placing their money inside Cash Deposit Balloons if they encounter them on Rebirth Island since they’re not meant to be there. Using them could cause you to lose all of your cash.

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Image credits: Activision

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