Warzone director responds to backlash over “incredibly bad” Loadout Drop change

Joseph Pascoulis
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Warzone players took immediate issue with Season 4’s Loadout Drop drop change, but Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins has assured players that they’ll soon get used to it.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has given players a fresh update, mixing up the meta with buffs and nerfs, as well as introducing the Marco 5 SMG and UMG-8 LMG.

Ahead of Warzone Season 4, the Loadout Drop selection would always hover over the previously selected choice. So, players could pick their ideal loadout in the pre-game lobby and immediately select it in-game.

However, Raven explained they found that players would accidentally select the wrong loadout too often, so the Season 4 update made it so that the curser will always start at the top of the list. Players were immediately against the change, but senior Warzone dev Ted Timmins has responded to the backlash.

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Whenever the devs have made any sort of change to Loadouts, players don’t tend to react very well. This happened again in Season 4, where players believe the change has caused more issues than it’s solved.

The discussion kicked off when Reddit user ‘commandersummer’ asked the Warzone subreddit: “Am I the only one who thinks this is an incredibly bad change?

They clearly weren’t the only one, with users flooding to the post to complain that their muscle memory is completely off, and they’ve been selecting the wrong loadout much more often than they did ahead of Season 4.

While Raven feels this change will “better respect Player muscle memory in the heat of the moment,” players explained that they’ve “picked the wrong loadout almost every game since the change.”

Raven’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins has heard these complaints and took to Twitter to reassure players that they’ll soon get used to it.

“I promise that this change is just like the removal of the confirmation UI pop up from the buy station,” he explained. “Remember how everyone jumped at buy stations for a week but then it was better? This will be the same, just needs the muscle memory to shift.”

Players might need to rearrange their loadouts in a specific order because of the change, but Timmins is confident that it won’t be an issue once they’ve got used to it.

We’ll have to wait and see if the discontent continues and if Raven Software decided to revert the tweak. For now, check out the major issue players have found with Caldera’s Storage Town.

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