Warzone dev responds to backlash over Precision Airstrike change in Season 2

Nathan Warby
Warzone player in Gulag

Warzone players have been calling out a change to Precision Airstrikes in Season 2 which marks their area of effect for enemies to see, and the devs have now responded to the backlash to explain the decision.

The Warzone Season 2 update brought plenty of content to the CoD battle royale. Fortune’s Keep made its long-awaited return with its own Ranked Play mode, while new weapons like the BP50 and RAM-9 were thrown into the mix.

It also came with a number of quality-of-life improvements, but not all of them have been well-received. Since the update went live, players have called Precision Airstrikes “useless,” as their area of effect is now marked to give squads more opportunity to react.

Now, the devs have responded to the backlash surrounding the change and given the community some insight into why the decision was made.

Responding to a Reddit post by ‘eyeballeddie,’ a Raven Software dev looked to clear up the confusion surrounding how far away from the Killstreak you need to be in order to see the banner.

“The range at which players will receive feedback on an incoming Precision Airstrike is < 100m from the target area, allowing players to predict ahead of an enemy player or enemy squad’s movement,” said the dev. “This distance is a metric that we will continue to monitor based on player sentiment and internal data.”

They went on to reveal why they felt the Precision Airstrike change was necessary in Warzone, claiming that they’d heard complaints for “too long” about unexpected deaths from Killstreaks.

“Whilst in Season 2 it may not be as easy as previous years to Precision Airstrike a full squad wipe on an unsuspecting team, this change has brought better balance to the Killstreaks ecosystem,” they explained.

“Precision Airstrikes should first and foremost be a ‘flush’ and area of denial mechanic when pushing a team or finishing a downed player, as we want to respect that above all – Call of Duty: Warzone is best as a game of weapon-based engagements.”

So, despite the backlash towards the Precision Airstrike banner in Warzone Season 2, it appears that the devs are still behind the change. They did mention that they’re open to making tweaks based on player feedback, so we’ll have to wait and see if they make further adjustments in a future update.

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