Warzone players furious with “broken” Owen Gun & demand another nerf in Season 3

Luca Di Marzo
Caldera Warzone owen Gun

Warzone players demand more Owen Gun nerfs as the weapon continues to wreak havoc in Season 3 as one of the most broken guns in the game.

The Owen Gun has been Warzone’s most dominant SMG for some time now and players were happy to see the weapon receive what they thought were significant nerfs in the Season 3 update.

It turns out the Owen Gun is just as deadly as ever in Warzone Season 3 and players are asking the devs to nerf it once more.

Best owen gun loadout warzone

The major Warzone Season 3 update brought several buffs and nerfs that altered the weapon meta. While we knew the Sniper meta was going to shift, players were pleasantly surprised to discover that the SMG meta would also undergo some changes.

A significant nerf to the Owen Gun’s popular Hockenson 142mm Rapid barrel attachment and 7.62 Gorenko 72 Round Drums magazine attachment led players to believe that the SMG would decline in popularity.

This has not been the case as major nerfs have failed to slow down the Owen Gun in Season 3. A clip posted to the Warzone subreddit proves that the post-nerf Owen Gun still kills incredibly quickly.

Players demand another Owen Gun nerf in Warzone Season 3

The absurd montage shows the Owen Gun shredding one player after another. It also proves that the biggest issue with the weapon is its massive 72-round magazine. One player voices their frustration with the current state of the weapon, “you just can’t have one of the most powerful SMG’s, that also has good maneuverability, have an LMG sized magazine.”

The Owen Gun already boasts practically no recoil and players are finding it difficult to deal with the abundance of bullets and movement speed, “Don’t see them removing the 72-round attachment so it’s gonna need a few more nerfs.”

With any luck, these players will get what they’re asking for as the devs continue to analyze the state of weapons post nerf. If the Owen Gun is still deemed an unstoppable force, it’s highly likely that the devs will circle back and issue another nerf.

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