Warzone players furious that Rebirth Island could be removed for Fortune’s Keep

Luca Di Marzo
Rebirth Island Warzone

Warzone’s new Season 4 map Fortune’s Keep is still shrouded in mystery, but players are furious that it might replace Rebirth Island despite it being an unknown entity.

The Call of Duty team continues to deliver brand-new Warzone content through seasonal updates and with Season 3 Reloaded coming to a close shortly, players already have their sights set on Season 4.

It seems Warzone players will receive the rare addition of a new battle royale map. The teased map is called Fortune’s Keep and it’s expected to tie into Rebirth Island. This connection to Rebirth Island has sparked outrage from players who don’t want to see the original small map removed from the game.

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Warzone player in Rebirth Island

As of June 13, there is still little information known about Fortune’s Keep. The Call of Duty team have done well to maintain an aura of mystery when it comes to the new map. Nonetheless, early indications suggest that it will be a small map with ties to Rebirth Island.

In a previous Call of Duty blog post, a threat to Rebirth Island was teased and we may finally get a look at this looming threat in Season 4. While there’s no official confirmation whether Fortune’s Keep will completely replace Rebirth Island for a period of time, players are already furious at the thought of Rebirth Island disappearing.

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It’s clear to see just how popular Rebirth Island is with Warzone players at the moment, as the comments of a Reddit post discussing Fortune’s Keep suggest Rebirth Island is the game’s saving grace.

Given that Caldera failed to leave a lasting impression on Warzone players, many look to Rebirth Island as the game’s best map, “Rebirth is like the only thing keeping this game afloat right now. I hope they know what they’re doing.”

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It’s easy to see why players would be concerned if Rebirth Island was set to disappear for Season 4. As one player puts it, the consequences of such a decision would be detrimental to Warzone in its current state, “Literally will kill the game if they remove it.”

It seems the best-case scenario for concerned Warzone players would be an option to play on Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep during Season 4. Keep in mind that, little is known about the Fortune’s Keep map and while Rebirth Island is familiar, this new map could still prove to be a hit with Call of Duty fans.

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