Warzone players convinced ground loot has unfair advantage over loadout guns

Liam Mackay
warzone player using ground loot in rebirth island

Warzone players are convinced that ground loot weapons deal more damage and have less recoil than if they were to build the exact same weapon as a custom loadout.

For the most part, Warzone’s ground loot weapons only exist to tide players over until they can get their hands on loadout guns. Players have called ground loot “trash” in the past, but Raven Software have been working on making it more viable.

It appears that they might be too viable in Warzone Season 3, however, as players are convinced that the ground loot weapons are more powerful than if you were to take the same build from a Loadout Drop.

Warzone operator with ground loot

Reddit user bobz99by has created a spreadsheet of all of the ground loot weapons and their data mined attachments, prompting u/san0andreas to compare the ground loot with the exact same loadout built through the Gunsmith.

In the video attached, the orange ground loot PPSH-41 appears to have less recoil than the loadout version. And it seems that the PPSH-41 isn’t the only ground loot gun to have an advantage over the loadout version, either.

“Ground loot is 100% better in many different ways and people have been saying that for a while,” explained Burider. “It feels like the ground loot MP40 is so much stronger,” said one user. “The Welgun, too,” replied jayveon2. “The common Welgun feels like it hits harder than a kitted out one.”

But there might be a simple reason for these ground loot weapons hitting harder than their loadout counterparts.

“I believe some of the preplanned floor loots of higher levels like orange aren’t affected by some of the more recent nerfs this season,” suggested weezin_ed.

This was a problem all the way back when Cold War integrated with Warzone, where a MAC-10 Blueprint wasn’t affected by the overall weapon nerfs.

Although players are convinced that ground loot weapons are better, some of the stats guys such as JGOD or TrueGameData might come back with some concrete evidence one way or the other.

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