Warzone players call for return of Verdansk’s spooky night mode

Night-time Verdansk in Warzone

Activision introduced a night-time version of Verdansk to Warzone during Halloween 2020, and now fans are asking for the developers to bring the fan-favorite mode back.

Warzone Season 5 has brought plenty of new content for Call of Duty fans to enjoy, including two new Perks, as well as new guns like the EM2 Assault Rifle and the TEC-9 SMG.

With the season underway, the devs will add more fun content, and fans are hoping for something special when Halloween arrives. Many players are asking for the return of night-time Verdansk.

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Haunting of Verdansk in Fortnite

The Haunting of Verdansk Warzone Halloween experience took place around Halloween 2020 and transformed Verdansk into a spooky night-time version of itself. Redditor Kaaaaos asked for the devs to bring it back in the Warzone subreddit.

The changes to Verdansk included blood dripping from ceilings, ghosts in buildings, and a ghost train. The Trick or Treat scavenger hunt granted players the chance to unlock a Halloween-themed item. 

Various players in the subreddit are calling for the devs to bring this mode back. “Verdansk at night was cool, I was hoping they’d spook it up more than they did,” wrote one user.

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Kaaaaos claimed that Warzone peaked with night-time Verdansk, and many of the commenters shared this sentiment. “Honestly, I wouldn’t even be mad if they just had a repeat of last year’s Halloweens event. It was great fun,” said one comment.

While Halloween is still a bit far off, it’s understandable why fans are already getting excited about the potential-themed content that the devs might introduce this year. Events like this have a unique aesthetic and alter the gameplay in a fun way.

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Hopefully, the developers will announce something as fun as the Haunting of Verdansk in 2021. For more Warzone, check out the frustrating glitch that traps players in the Red Door loot rooms.

Image Credit: Activision

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