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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to finish the Haunting Event Challenges

Wrap up your Trick or Treat scavenger hunt before the event ends.



The Haunting of Verdansk event, which brought with it Zombie Royale and scavenger hunt challenges, finishes on the 3rd of November at 1PM EST (6PM GMT).

There isn’t a lot of time left to find all the loot crates scattered around Verdansk, so this guide will help you acquire all of the loot as fast as possible. Players must visit certain locations around the map, and keep opening crates until one containing the event loot has been found. When opening the map, there is a handy checklist telling you where you must go to find the loot.

As the event draws to a close and players are hunting for their last few crates, certain areas of the map have become more congested than others. Dam and Superstore appear to be busiest areas due to there being a small number of crates in the area.

Getting Started

BR Solos is the mode to get this done, as squads loot areas far quicker.

If you haven’t made much progress in the challenges yet, the best thing to do is pick the unvisited spot furthest away from the plane’s line. Fly there, as you shouldn’t have many people come with you, loot as many chests as you can, and loot areas as you make your way into zone.

This will work great for larger areas such as Lumberyard, Port, Quarry and Boneyard. Downtown, Airport, TV Station, and Military Base are big enough that you should be able to find your own area to loot.

It is also worth noting that ‘Train’ means the train itself, not the Train Station.


Superstore is one of the busiest locations in Verdansk due to its central location and amount of ground loot. There are very little chests in Superstore, as it’s more of a ‘grab weapons and fight’ area. This makes finding the chest containing the loot extremely difficult.

What you should do is land in the office area on the west side of Superstore. There’s a window at the front that if you’re skilled enough, you can fly through and open a few chests while everyone else is fighting it out on the roof and the shop floor. If you can’t make it through the window, make a beeline for inside these offices and open chests as fast as possible.


Dam contains the highly sought after ‘Time of the Season’ watch, meaning that many players are landing there in order to find it. Much of the area below Dam is empty with little to no chests, and the top of the dam itself is much the same. The buildings below the east side of Dam also contain very little chests for the number of people landing there.

The fire station at the top of Dam counts for this challenge. Land on the roof of the fire station and then go down through the ladder hatch. There is usually a chest or two on the roof and more on the top floor inside. Most players land at the bottom where the helicopter is, so you should be mostly by yourself at the top.

Some players, including YouTuber FaZe Jev, have reported a glitch where the Haunting Event challenges appear to be finished but the Halloween Grau 5.56 isn’t unlocked. Unfortunately, it means one or more of the loot items haven’t been found and you must go back and check off each area.

Drop in and complete the final Trick or Treat hunt before it ends.