Warzone players think airstrike warnings are more broken than ever as patch to fix fails

Nathan Warby
Warzoe player running from Precision Airstrike

The Warzone Season 5 update aimed to fix an issue where players weren’t being properly warned about incoming Precision Airstrikes. However, since the patch rolled out, players think airstrikes are more broken than they were before.

As is the case with every major update, Warzone Season 5 looked to make bold changes to the battle royale’s gameplay, from introducing Personal Supply Boxes and the new Rage Serum Field Upgrade.

The update also aimed to fix some long-standing bugs and issues that had been frustrating fans. One of the biggest was a problem where players weren’t being suitably warned about incoming Precision Airstrikes, giving them no time to react and leading to annoying deaths.

However, after the Season 5 patch claimed to fix this bug and make the notification that an airstrike was on the way more reliable, players actually feel that they’re more broken than ever.

According to the Season 5 patch notes, Raven said they had “improved the Precision Airstrike danger UI notification to be more consistent with where the Airstrike target is and any nearby enemies.”

Reddit user young_k0be uploaded a clip that seemed to prove that this isn’t the case. It showed the player engaging in a fight before being suddenly eliminated by a Precision Airstrike.

There was no audio or visual warning on the screen, meaning the player was completely unaware that the enemy had used the killstreak. The only indicator was the faint sound of the plane approaching, by which time it was too late.

“Patch notes claimed to fix the inaccurate air strike warning. It’s somehow worse now?” the player said.

Based on the comments, it appears to be a widespread issue affecting everyone, not just a single user.

“That explains why I’ve been downed twice today with no warning,” said one reply. “Agreed the [notifications] definitely feel worse than ever before, on Fortunes Keep especially from what I’ve experienced,” said another.

If this clip and its responses are anything to go by, it’s safe to say Precision Airstrike warnings are still broken in Warzone Season 5. Hopefully, Raven has a fix in the works that will be rolled out in a future update.

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Image credit: Activision

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