Warzone players beg Raven to fix “awful” Vanguard Snipers

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone pacific vanguard sniper operator

Sniping is one of the most exciting and skillful things you can do in Warzone. Unfortunately, some players think Vanguard’s long-distance rifles are so poor that they’re actually ruining the game.

With the February 24 update bringing some adjustments to Warzone Pacific Season 2, including changes to the PPSH-41, players are now drawing the devs attention to the Vanguard Snipers.

Snipers have always been a big part of Warzone, but it seems Vanguard’s long-range killers aren’t quite up to speed with the Modern Warfare and Cold War Sniper Rifles.

vanguard sniper

Reddit user G501212 highlighted the Vanguard Snipers in a recent post to the Warzone subreddit, claiming it isn’t their aim that prevents them from hitting shots with these weapons, but rather the nature of the Vanguard Snipers.

The viewpoint is that the “bullet drop” and “ballistics” of the Vanguard Snipers are off, as using any Sniper from Modern Warfare or Cold War gives players different results.

It seems they aren’t the only one who feels this way about the Vanguard Snipers either, as others in the comments are sharing similar experiences, with some even claiming it is bugged.

One comment read, “Pretty sure the 3 line’s reticle is bugged so you have to aim slightly to the left of where you want to hit. But agreed about VG snipers. I hate using them.”

If this is the case, then hopefully the devs can get a fix out for these Vanguard Snipers as soon as possible, as it could be what is making them feel “awful” to players.

Despite these complaints, one players was able to create a hitscan Vanguard Sniper loadout, so maybe give that a try if you want to make Vanguard snipers work.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision