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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players claim Caldera’s Gulag is unfair to those on console

Warzone Pacific players believe that Caldera’s Gulag offers PC players a major advantage over those on consoles.



Bren in Warzone Pacific's Gulag

Console Warzone players have long complained that not having a Field of View slider puts them at a disadvantage, and they believe it only gets worse as Caldera’s Gulag is tailored towards high-FOV PC players.

With how unforgiving battle royale games’ last-man-standing concept can be, Infinity Ward offered players the Gulag. The Gulag pits eliminated players against each other in a 1v1, with the winner allowed to return to Caldera to try again.

With the confirmation that an FOV slider won’t hit PlayStations and Xboxes, console players are calling on the devs to make a Gulag that’s more accessible to players on a lower field of view.

Warzone players fighting in Gulag

In a now-deleted Reddit post, ‘merskilla’ suggested that Warzone’s devs “try designing a Gulag that doesn’t always benefit the person with 1.5x the FOV as 70% of your playerbase.”

PC players with a high FOV can see much more of the Gulag in front of them, being able to keep an eye on multiple entryways to the center building. merskilla believes Caldera’s Gulag’s close-range nature gives console players an automatic disadvantage, and many of the comments agreed.

“This is a good idea…so it wont happen,” bemoaned Mike Cass84. “It’s not even just gulag, increased FOV is a definite advantage in all close quarters battles,” said one user. Another simply called fighting at close-quarters with a low FOV “bulls**t.”

However, some Warzone players said they much prefer the Gulag to previous ones, where they’re just happy that they’re “not forced to use a shotgun or a pistol every single match.”

Before Vanguard’s integration, the Gulag would change each season with mixed feedback. Some players loved duking it out in Gulag versions of classic Treyarch maps, but others criticized the verticality and headglitches that they offered.

Warzone Season 2 didn’t bring a new Gulag, but perhaps the mid-Season 2 update or Season 3 will bring one that console players believe to be fairer.

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Image Credit: Activision