Warzone devs confirm more fixes for glitched Verdansk ’84 spots coming soon

Andrew Highton
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The greatly altered Verdansk ’84 map has breathed fresh life into Warzone in Season 3. But it’s also come with its own baggage with Raven Software confirming that they are looking for additional map glitch exploits.

Since Warzone’s launch, both incarnations of Verdansk and Rebirth Island have suffered from potential exploits in their respective maps that allow players to slip in between some textures and take advantage of the map.

Verdansk ’84 may have rewritten the Warzone playbook, but it’s still the same faces that keep causing the problems. Raven Software has come out and addressed the continuing exploits that are helping people to cheat and score immoral kills in Warzone Season 3.

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April 28 saw the release of a major update for Warzone that sought to correct the game’s exploit issues, and it did fix them. But since then, players keep finding new ones and are abusing them.

This has caught the eye of Raven Software who have taken the time to Tweet from their official Twitter account to reassure any worried players.

Despite the Tweet coming a few days after the previous notice, it’s probably safe to assume that Raven Software has been monitoring the situation closely since the patch went live.

The advertised Trello card cites the issue as “various spots on the map that players are exploiting in order to access ordinarily inaccessible, out of area areas.”

Invisible walls and areas that players shouldn’t be able to get to are about as high a priority as an issue comes in Warzone. It allows players to hide under and in the map, yet still be able to shoot into it – essentially cheating to win.

Expect this glitch to be Raven’s main task until a new fix is released to resolve the map glitches that are being discovered.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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