Warzone devs bring major TTK changes to Vanguard Royale

Luca Di Marzo
Caldera Warzone map

Warzone’s Vanguard Royale mode underwent some significant changes as a March 2 update altered the battle royale’s TTK.

The Warzone devs are working on improving the overall experience and functionality of the game following the major Pacific Season 2 update. Warzone’s March 2 update took player feedback into consideration and nerfed the Bren as well as tweaked gameplay for the Vanguard Royale mode.

The specific changes concern players’ overall health as TTK adjustments were made to make gameplay less punishing across Caldera.

warzone pacific operator running in capital

Since Vanguard weapons made their way to Warzone, we’ve seen them dominate the meta as most of them kill incredibly quickly. Many players took issue with just how fast these guns would kill leaving them with no time to react.

It seems the devs have provided a solution to those complaints by increasing base player health from 100 to 150. The devs commented on the change in the patch notes “We agree with the feedback that the Time-to-Kill (TTK) has crept beyond the sweet spot and hope that this adjustment will improve Player experience and sentiment.”

Players’ max health with full armor plates will now be 300 as opposed to 250 which further combats the fast TTK of Vanguard weapons and the initial reaction to this major change has been positive.

In addition, to essentially nerfing the TTK of Vanguard weapons, the devs also brought back UAVs to the Vanguard Royale mode. However, UAVs will not be as accessible considering they will cost $9000 at buy stations.

Increasing the price of UAVs but not eliminating them altogether is the perfect sweet spot and should make them a rewarding prize for those who gather enough cash.

You’ll be able to test out these new changes on March 3 when the Vanguard Royale playlist returns to Warzone Pacific.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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