Warzone devs respond to game-breaking glitch giving weapons extra Perks

Liam Mackay
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Vanguard’s weapons offer players incredibly powerful Perks to fit on their weapon, and after a Warzone streamer found a way to equip these Perks on Modern Warfare and Cold War guns, Raven Software were quick to respond.

Warzone’s meta underwent another major change when Vanguard’s weapons arrived in December. These WW2 guns can be fitted with a whopping ten attachments, including some extremely powerful Perks that give the player some powerful buffs.

These Perks aren’t available on Cold War and Modern Warfare guns, but a streamer has discovered a game-breaking bug that allows these Perks to go on any weapon, including those from Cold War and MW. Raven Software are now aware of the issue and have confirmed they’re working on a fix.

Tight Grip Perk in CoD Vanguard

Warzone streamer ‘yeet‘ tweeted on February 28 that they discovered a “bug where you can get [Vanguard] perks on MW and CW guns as well as things like Tight Grip + Hardscope on several VG guns.”

Popular YouTuber JGOD released a video proving that the glitch exists, where you can “add a bonus attachment to almost any gun in Warzone.” In this video, he proves that after a weapon is built with five attachments, you can then can add another Vanguard Perk on top of it.

In the example in JGOD’s video, yeet shows the Tight Grip attachment on the AS44 where it doesn’t move at all as he fires. Plus, you can now stack two attachments on top of each other, adding both Hardscope and Tight Grip to your guns – completely removing the recoil without you having to do anything.

This game-breaking glitch makes weapons much more effective than intended, completely removing recoil in some cases. Only hours after the news broke, Raven Software confirmed they’re working on a fix.

They tweeted on February 28 that “We are investigating an issue that unintentionally allows Weapon Attachment Perks to be transferred between Weapons,” and linked to the Trello card which is marked as ‘Investigating’ on ‘All Platforms.’

We’ve already seen some bizarre, yet extremely powerful, loadouts come out of this glitch – such as Vanguard’s Gung-Ho Perk fitted a FiNN LMG hip-fire class. We expect this to be one of Raven’s top priorities, but there’s no timeframe for when it will get fixed.

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